Faith in Focus Guidelines: "Faith in Focus" submissions are, in general, personal essays that typically range from 800 to 1500 words. Articles for this department can be on any topic related to the joys and challenges of living out one’s faith and should bear witness to the radical nature of discipleship in the modern age. These articles should have a strong narrative thread and should focus on a specific event, moment or development in the author’s life, rather than a chronicle of the author’s entire spiritual journey. Articles should challenge the reader as much as it nourishes or affirms the reader.

In addition to personal essays, the “Faith in Focus” section occasionally features a collection of brief responses to a specific question. Submissions range from 100 to 300 words. Responses can be serious, light-hearted or humorous but should be distinctive, honest and incisive.

  • “My Favorite Mistake”: Describe a specific mistake, sin, regret that you learned or grew from.  Be as candid as possible.

  • “Why I Left the Church”: Describe a specific event, person or realization that led you to leave the Catholic Church

  • “Why I Stay Catholic”: Describe what keeps you from leaving this imperfect institution of sinners and saints.  

  • “Why I Came Back to the Church”: Describe a specific event, person or realization that brought you back to the Catholic Church

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